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The most powerful Japanese standard machine for your farm field

lntemational Tractors Limited is a leading tractor and agricultural equipment manufacturing company based in India.

Since its founding in 1969, the company has been committed to providing high-quality products to the farming community with integrity and dedication. Offering comprehensive agricultural solutions to the whole world.

ITL Group manufactures and markets a wide range of products, including: tractors, agricultural implements, engines, diesel generators, automotive components and loader cranes.

Experience the perfect blend of Japanese craftsmanship and Indian innovation with our range of farm machinery and tractors.

Versatile power performers

Our tractors

SOLIS 26 series

Engine power – 26 h.p.
Engine mark – Mitsubishi SL 2.4
Transmission – 6F+2R

SOLIS 50 series

Engine power – 50 h.p.
Engine type – Turbodiesel
Transmission – 8F+2R

SOLIS 75 series

Engine power – 75 h.p.
Engine type – Turbodiesel
Transmission – 12F+12R

SOLIS 90 series

Engine power – 90 h.p.
Engine type – Turbodiesel
Transmission – 12F+12R

SOLIS 110 series

Engine power – 107 h.p.
Engine type – Turbodiesel
Transmission – 12F+12R

SOLIS 125 series

Engine power – 118 h.p.
Engine type – Turbodiesel
Transmission – 12F+12R Carraro

Versatile power performers


Front end loader

Digging depth – 106 mm
Bucket volume – 0.13 m3
Load capacity – 300 kg


Load capacity – 1000 kg
Tractor power – 18-26 hp.
Size – 2000x1200x355 mm

Grabber bucket

Power range – 20-30
Rated power – 0.2 m3
Dimensions – 1260x440x420 mm

Best in its class

Why you should choose us

Supply of spare parts

We have a network of more than 1,800 dealers worldwide, which has an efficient supply of spare parts. To supply Europe, together with Yanmar we have established a centralized spare parts center in Germany.

Japanese technology

ITL and Yanmar are a joint venture. Yanmar, a Japanese company, has been known for its quality for over 100 years.

The best guarantee for you

All our products come with a standard, best-in-class warranty. When you invest in our tractors and equipment, you don’t just buy a product – you gain peace of mind.

Optimal performance

Our products have been designed with price in mind without compromising on power, quality or testing, making them the most economical tractor in any line.

Price and quality ratio

The company began producing tractors in 1996. In 26 years, we have sold more than 1,200,000 tractors worldwide, demonstrating our commitment to product quality.


Each of our products goes through a series of tests before leaving the factory, ensuring each tractor performs the best it can in the field.

The brand origin

Solis is a Latin word that has deep historical meaning and is related to the Latin word “sol”, which means “sun”. The word Solis has a deep symbolic meaning associated with solar energy, light and life force.

Since the sun is essential to sustain life on earth, the SOLIS brand strives to play an equally important role in the lives of farmers, increasing productivity and lighting their path to prosperity.

The blue color used in the logo is associated with stability, strength, elegance and formality. The italic font represents consistency and the diagram highlights the strength behind quality and consistency of our product.

Find out about our company

About International Tractors Limited

Established in 1995, International Tractors Ltd is now the preeminent tractor manufacturing company in India. A leading manufacturer of tractors from a single plant, the company is one of the top 3 tractor trading companies in India.

It is a testament to the confidence of tractor buyers across the country that the company currently has a domestic market share of over 1496 in India with a significant customer base of over 1.2 million. The company is supported by a market network of 1,800 enthusiastic distributors and dealers worldwide.

Having a very strong presence in most of the significant markets around the world, ITL is currently the market leader and the top selling tractor brand in 4 different countries in Asia and Africa.

ITL is currently the only Indian company present in 20 countries in Latin and South America. Having increased its presence in 33 EU countries and beyond, ITL has successfully launched its tractors in the US market.

The Group’s commitment to global standards in product manufacturing and the Company’s partnerships with global pioneers such as Yanmar (Japan) are a reflection of this commitment.

Known for defect-free manufacturing and strict adherence to quality standards, ITL is accredited with international certifications such as: ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 140001:2004 ISO TS 16949 and ISO 140012015 / ISO 90012015.

2-year warranty on all tractors and equipment

When you invest in our tractors and equipment, you don’t just buy a product – you gain peace of mind. We are proud to provide a 2-year or 2000 moto-hour warranty from the date of delivery to the customer, provided that the customer meets the requirements specified in the Owner’s Manual, care rules, service schedule, lubrication schedule, or special instructions.

The warranty does not cover parts of natural wear and tear and damage due to external influences on equipment (tires, batteries, brake linings, clutch discs, V-belts, attachment joints, headlight, cab glazing, or damage to paint surfaces and body parts).

Get in Touch – Your Tractor Needs Await!

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Have questions about our tractors or need assistance with your purchase? Our team of experts is here to help. Reach out to us today, and let’s make your farming dreams a reality.