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Cultivators MS5 и MS15

Solis cultivators help to properly till the soil to prepare a level and loose seed bed before planting. It loosens and aerates soil up to 9 inches deep in the most efficient and economical way.

Model SL-CL-MS5 SL-CL-MS15
Spring (mm) 9.5 WD /44 OD/27 Coil 10 WD/44     50/OD /28.5 Coil
Shovels 8(EN-45) mm 8(EN-45) mm
Width 1205 mm 3520 mm
Length 834 mm 915 mm
Height 930 mm 1170 mm
Weight 140 kg 540 kg
Tractor Power 20-24 hp 75+ hp

Plough MP02 Mini and MP04

The MB plow is used for the initial preparation of the soil for sowing seeds or planting plants. Typically used for deep tillage to help turn over the topsoil, bringing fresh nutrients to the surface while killing weeds and debris from previous crops.

It also aerates the soil, allows it to better retain moisture and has high strength to withstand heavy loads.

Model SL-MP-02 MINI SL-MP-04
Furrow 2 4
Frame 72X72 mm Square Bar 100X100mm Square Frame
Tines 28mm Profile Cutting 36mm profile cutting, single piece
Bar Point 32 34
Width 400 mm 610 mm
Weight 120 kg 240 kg
Tractor Power 20-26 hp 45+ hp

Disc harrow DH10M and D24

The Solis disc harrow is used for cultivating soil where crops are planned to be planted. It is also used to crush unwanted weeds or crop residues. The discs are also offset so that they are not parallel to the general direction of movement of the gun.

This arrangement ensures that the discs will repeatedly cut whatever surface they are applied to to optimize results. The concavity of the discs, as well as the angle of their displacement, cause them to loosen and lift the soil they cut.

Model SL-DH 10 M SL-DH 12
Frame Angle 65×8 75×10 Angle
Frame with 100×50 Front Channel
No. of Disc 10 24
Type of Disc Notched disc
Front Gang & Plain Disc in Rear Gang
Disc Diameter 455 mm 560 mm
Disc Spacing 225 mm 228 mm
Weight 205 kg 731 kg
Tractor Power 20-26 hp 90+ hp

Pallet forks 2000 and 6000

A pallet fork is a type of tractor, usually wheeled, sometimes tracked, that has a front-mounted wide FORK connected to the ends of two books (arms) to pick up material from the ground, moving it from one place to another without pushing the material.

Model 2000 6000
HP Range 20-30 45-70
Capacity kg 300 kg 1,000 kg
Length 700 mm 1250 mm
Width 1027 mm 1435 mm
Height 500 mm 750 mm
Weight 80 kg 160 kg

Grabber bucket 1.2m and 1.65m wide

The Grabber Bucket is a wonderful tool for handling round bales, loose hay, twigs and branches, loose silage, manure, and general bucket work. Teeth, protective mesh and grapple arm can easily be removed when only the bucket is needed.

Our Grapple Buckets are great for storm clean up, logging, larger landscaping and more! You can pick up and move logs, stumps, brush, and even rocks.

Model 1.2m 1.65m
HP Range 20-30 40-60
Rated Capacity 0.2 m3 0.34 m3
Length 1260 mm 1710 mm
Width 440 mm 690 mm
Height 420 mm 560 mm
Weight 80 kg 145 kg

Front End Loader SOLIS 3200 and 5000

A loader is a type of tractor attachment that has a front-mounted wide bucket connected to the ends of two arms (arms) to pick up loose material from the ground, such as dirt, sand, or gravel, and move it from one place to another without pushing it around material on the ground.

Model 3200 5500
Digging Depth 106 mm 140 mm
Bucket Weight 45 kg 160 kg
Bucket Volume 0.13 m3 0.34 m3
Bucket Width 1200 mm 1650 mm
Front End Loader Weight 210 kg 550 kg
Rated Capacity 300 kg 800 kg
Tractor Power 26 hp 50 hp

Trailor SL-STT1 (1 ton)

Solis trailers are ruggedly designed to withstand even the most demanding loading and transport requirements in all conditions. Hydraulic unloading and folding side panels help unload material effortlessly.

Model SLSTT-1
Loading Capacity 1000 kg
Dimension 2000x1200x355 mm
Main Chassis 100×50 mm
Tyre 12×16
Weight 300 kg
Tractor Power  18-26 hp
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